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The financial ending of a marriage can be a challenge. New laws have gone into effect that may seem complicated, but are designed to maximize all resources, for all members of the family. At Adams Schinzing P.A., located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, I will work with you for the good of your family.

Minnesota statutes require that each parent provide for the financial well-being of their children. As such, each parent, absent some significant inability, is required to work full-time.

The statutory calculations include each of the parents’ incomes, the costs of child related healthcare and daycare, if any, and the other allocation of time the child or children spend with each parent.

It is important to note that the statutes provide guidelines, and there are, on occasion, exceptions to the guidelines. I will work with your family’s specific facts to determine if any exceptions may be applicable.

Merriam Park and Ramsey County Spousal Maintenance Attorney

A word about spousal maintenance (also known as “alimony”): for a time, courts were moving away from making awards for spousal maintenance, especially with the legal requirement that both parents work full-time.

In recent times, however, we are seeing a return to spousal maintenance awards. Part of this is a reflection of the economic changes in the last few years; many people have lost their jobs and are either unemployed or underemployed.

In these cases, if permanent spousal maintenance is not appropriate, the court may make an award of spousal support as a temporary bridge for the recipient, allowing him or her some steady income while working toward a more stable financial future.

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