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Moving your family from one paradigm to another can be a daunting task. Your concern for their emotional health and welfare is paramount — but worries about finances and possible changes, such as moving to a new home, can drain you of the energy necessary to meet their needs.

Finding an attorney who can help you navigate your new life with dignity and grace is essential.

Merriam Park and Ramsey County Divorce Attorney

At Adams Schinzing P.A., located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, I work with you to address the needs of all family members. I see my job as a collaborator: With the legal guidance I provide you, you can make decisions not just for today, but for the future — knowing you did so with consideration and thought for everyone involved.

When I work with you, I seek to create a just and equitable agreement that leaves you with the financial resources to accommodate your new life. Ideally, I hope for a resolution arrived at by you and your spouse — as it is always easier to adhere to a schedule or agreement that you have developed yourself.

In the event, however, that we are unable to reach a collaborative resolution, I can and will take a case to trial, for a judge’s fair ruling on the matter.

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When you retain Adams Schinzing P.A.,  I do not employ paralegals, so you know that you will always have a full-licensed attorney working on your case.

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